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photo: Close Encounters, by Piotr Mamnaimie on [Creative Commons license]

Numerology for April 2019: Bolt from the Blue

photo credit: Lightning, by Anton Pinchuk [Creative Commons license]

4 + (2 + 0 + 1 + 9) = 15/6

Are you ready for a little shake-up?!

Whether or not you are or aren't the energy in play might call your shot for you ;) Best to embrace the possibility of blowing your own mind.

Yeah, if you're tracking the Numbers, this month is going to be the perfect time to let 'it' go -- whatever your 'it' is. You know, that thing that keeps you trundling along in those same two grooves? It's probably more than time you vanished that thought or habit, and the 16/7 will give us all the necessary oomph -- or shove (you choose) -- to do just that.

This month's Number portends a period of unforeseen and sudden events. With a 16/7 you must not resist. At this point in the cycle it's time for existing conditions to be done away with and for outdated and knuckle-headed ideas to be dropped. Accept the opportunities that come your way to change old habits and make some choices. Otherwise it could be a bolt from the blue (or the dark night sky) that does it for you.

One keyword for 16/7 - numerologically speaking -- is awakening. This month could bring a flash of insight that really frees your mind and sets you on a whole new path. However they come, the messages with a 16/7 may not be subtle -- so it's no good pretending you don't get it. If you do, the Universe may very well yank your chain.

"The energy operating during this cycle is intense; therefore, do not take risks. Be careful of accidents and conflicts with others."

And, take heart [ I tell myself ], "Number 16 is not as bad as it seems at first. You can use the additional energy spurt during the coming month to plan wisely for the future."

(Quotes from Numerology and The Divine Triangle, by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker, which is highly recommended... ;)

Numerology for March 2019: Reckoning with the Material World

3 + (2 + 0 + 1 + 9) = 15/6

What does your devil wear...? [photo credit: Misericord, by Spencer Means // CC license]

Under the influence of 15/6, the materialistic side of life will be emphasized. Keywords are indecision, bondage, freedom, laughter, discernment. The objective here is getting it right by judging by inner realities rather than outward appearances. (That's where discernment comes in.)

Do you allow yourself to be controlled or limited by circumstances, believing it is what it is? Or do you accept you have a role to play in interpreting and shaping circumstances?

You can change your mind! You can change your attitude! You can change your perception of a situation! You can adjust your trajectory at any moment! Seriously.

This month take note of the various experiences that serve to knock you loose from your preconceived ideas and usual approach to things. Learn to laugh at what [seem] like difficulties. Find the inner up side. Maybe something will happen that helps to set you free from material constraints. Now wouldn't that be lovely? [And I bet I caught you there, imagining a major monetary windfall! That's a clue...] However it comes, be glad and enjoy.

What does your Devil Wear?

Does the Devil wear Prada? Or perhaps drive a B-mer? I think I saw the devil flying first class on a transatlantic flight once. At the time, he was confidently under dressed.

In the Tarot the Devil gets associated with this Number as the representation of all those things that serve to separate you from what is True and Right for you.

While we operate in a physical reality, too often we allow ourselves to get mired in the materialistic aspects of existence. Instead? Dance lightly. Stay fluid and open to the possibilities.

As above, so below... Everything is real, everything is symbolic...